Jessica Y. Persons, Energy Intuitive, Reiki Master



Jessica is inherently perceptive of physical, emotional and spiritual imbalances. As a Reiki Master and Energy Intuitive, she brings awareness to spaces in the physical body and the surrounding field that are out of alignment.

Stagnant energy, when trapped in the body, can create blocks impeding the movement of emotions. These aren't intentional, but result when an emotion is not allowed to be fully felt, acknowledged and met, instead remaining in the body’s energy centers. Providing a safe space to allow these energies to be held with caring openness, sets the stage for a life to be fully lived. Emotions arising are not threats to our happiness but gateways to open-hearted love.

Through her compassionate presence, Jessica opens the doorway to deeper understanding of how to clear emotional and energetic blocks. This empowering work opens the body and soul to transformative healing on all levels.

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